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Music at The Manse – An Island’s Old Flavour

The Island’s Old Flavour When I first came to the island last summer, it flourished with the most beautiful island’s lure that one mainlander like myself could expect, an island paradise. There are stunning beaches, magnificent landscape views of hills and farms, lovely colonial-style old towns, and a vacation-like chilling atmosphere all around. I had […]


There is for virtually everyone a deep association with and consciousness of the places where we were born and grew up, where we live now, or where we have had particularly moving experiences. This association seems to constitute a vital source of both individual and cultural identity and security, a point of departure from which […]

The stories of resilience from seven communities in the Indonesian archipelago

Islands are commonly characterized as small, bounded, and isolated in people’s perceptions because of their physical shapes and spirit. These opinions are continuously creating an error illusion of islands being merely vulnerable objects in confrontation with any Earth’s events in the economy, society, and environment. For instance, people are susceptible to the hypothesis that an […]

The Illustration of “Small Is Beautiful” with The Amish Culture

While exploring the Islandness imagination of smallness and isolation, I think about a famous book from Ernst Friedrich Schumacher, Small is Beautiful: A Study of Economics As If People Matter, published in 1973.  At the same time, I also discovered an ethnic group, call “the Amish”, whose culture represents full traits of Islandness and can […]


Introduction In 2009, I graduated from Hospitality and Tourism school in Bangkok and started a career in this field. For a decade, I concentrated on immersing myself in the business of fostering travelers’ needs and their experience. The first steps started from the ordinary thinking of serving a customer with great smiles and delivering good […]


My cool name is Ken Atlantic, and I am an international student taking the program Master of Island Studies at the University of Prince Edward Island. In the first class of Introduction Themes and Perspective of Islands, we learn about a phenomenon word: ‘Islandness”. This word is an expression about islands’ characteristics, unlike what I […]

A Scholar’s Brave Exploration in Samoa, 1928

Islandness? The study of islands is generally a new horizon to many people across varied disciplinaries and often categorized with some lazy thoughts of smallness, boundedness or just being relaxed to say it as an “insularity” land. In people’s mind, those such features are not so different from perceptible appearance of circular drawing surrounded by, […]

Isolated ?

Resilience can be born of smallness as well. Smallness can be a vulnerability if it is made to be so, but smallness can be made an advantage”.

Ilan Kelman 2018

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