Ken Nguyễn Đăng Tài (Linked in Profile)

A relaxed Asian guy on his journeys across global landmasses

My real name is Tai, although a cool nickname I love is “Ken Atlantic.” This nickname is habitually called by all my dear folks worldwide for more than a decade. Actually, the “Atlantic” was recently added because I was just moved to Prince Edward Island, a province in Canada’s Atlantic regions, to do the Master program in Island Studies at the University of Prince Edward Island.

My incredible life-routes were chronicled by a Fourteen-year journeys of studying, traveling, and working in 34 countries of the world’s continents of Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. The expertise immerses in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry with the working expereince in the top-tier global chain hotel groups, Online Travel Agency, and traveling start-ups. Though this year,  I determined to sail the boat to discover the new destination of knowledge and finally came to the Island and study about the Islands. For myself, these landmasses are just dynamically mysterious creatures that bring exceptional aspiration as Contemporary Art models. Hence, I am so delighted to write about these islands together with my footprints on this page.